Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Roseville CA

  • Popcorn Ceilings are not very pleasant to look at and make you house look old.
  •  We will remove your popcorn ceiling in no time and have a modern ceiling fitted in lightning speed. 
  • We offer a fast and convenient service that won’t disturb the ambience of your home. 

Call our friendly team today and get the modern ceiling to suite your home

Benefits of hiring an expert painter to Remove Popcorn Ceiling Roseville

Experienced painters are knowledgeable about various painting techniques and challenges that may arise when dealing with Popcorn ceilings.  Painting Roseville will install and paint new ceiling in no time at all. We always provide a fast and effective service that won’t cause a hustle to you and your family. 

Toxic substances found in a popcorn ceiling - Asbestos

Before 1978 the extremely harmful and toxic substance Asbestos was used to manufacture popcorn ceilings. 

Asbestos is extremely toxic and once it begins to perish these asbestos particles become airborne. 

These toxic particles are critically harmful to your lungs and will cause serious and fatal lung diseases such as asbestosis. 

A lung disease resulting from the inhalation of asbestos particles, marked by severe fibrosis and a high risk of mesothelioma.   

Obliterate and eradicate every ounce of asbestos and live in a clean and healthy environment 

Call Roseville and book your removal right away!! 

Why Choose us ???

  • The job gets done correctly and swiftly in a meticulous way 
  • We have the correct equipment to ensure that the removal and installation is safely completed  
  • We have a highly skilled team of experts that are trained to do job 
  • We repair all the damage completely and ensure that the ceiling looks as good as new 
  • We do all the paintwork and final textures of the roof to give it a superb finish and look 
  • Our team is dedicated to getting the job done correctly the 1st time and we ensure that your home is left mess free.
  • Ensure that your belongings don’t get damaged. 
  •  The team get the job done on time and as promised according to the original estimate.

Our Painting Process

How We Work

  • We make it simple and convenient to get the job done as quickly and cost effectively as possible. 
  • One of our roof specialist will come and assess what work needs to be done and will give you a quote on the spot. 
  • Our aim is to give your home a great finish and modern look that it deserves. 
  • We are very meticulous in our workmanship and have many years of experience in the industry. 
  • All our materials that we use are free of toxins and are of a fine quality. 
  • We also ensure that all your furniture , paintings and ornaments are sealed in plastic and tape so they are not damaged while the team complete the work. 
  • The team are highly skilled and efficient to give your home that personal and special clean finish. 

Give us a call now and get the popcorn ceilings out of your home now!!!