Drywall Repair & Preparation

Drywall Preparation , Restoration and Repairs

After many years of use the dry walls of your home will be worn and damaged. 

From hanging paintings there will be holes in the walls , the walls would have been subjected to kids damage from throwing balls and crashing bikes into the wall. Over time mould and moisture will also cause damage to the wall. Furniture bumping into the wall also cause holes and cracks on the wall. 

We restore the walls and get it back to a like new condition and prepare the wall for the paint job. 

We guarantee our work and give you a price estimate and set up a time and schedule to get the job done!! 

Turn ideas into action , Get your Drywall done.

Drywall Repair and restoration

Our team of skilled experts full all the holes and ensure that the surface is left smooth and in a supreme state. This preparation is of the utmost importance prior to any new paintwork being applied 

Once our team has given you an exact price for the job we will confirm a time and book the team to complete the job. We are extremely meticulous with our workmanship and only leave the site once one of our quality controllers is satisfied with the work carried out on your dry wall 

Expert Painter in Roseville preparing the Wall before painting

The process of prepping the wall

From the onset our team of dry wall specialists will do a full inspection of the surface and determine exactly what needs to be done to restore the wall prior to applying any paint. 

If any small damage is detected the team will do the necessary repairs and full with the correct productsl and smooth the surface down 

If there is a larger hole the team will insert a cut piece of dry wall and full and seal with the correct agents. Then they surface can be smoothed and painted 

If drywall is not finished before any new paint is applied to any area, it can cause the paint to come off faster and need redone more often. 

Turn ideas into action , Get your Drywall done.

Benefits of our repairs

Should the condition of the drywall be very poor and damaged one will see this after the paint has been applied. If incorrectly repaired it is hazardous and toxic for your home. Often mold can build up and we find damage caused by rodents. This is not home friendly and these toxins can migrate into your food which is a health risk 

The team will advise you on exactly what damages they find and give you a full breakdown and costing on what we need to do to get the wall in tip top finish. 

Our team will advise you straight to the point and will disclose every fine details of our findings