Color Consultation


Our company offer residential and commercial painting services and solutions. We are fully licensed and accredited to give the best advice and consultations. Integrity and exceeding our clients’ expectations is our objective. Through this way of conducting our business we have earned the loyalty of many clients over the past decade. Our technicians are highly skilled and we only use the state of the art equipment and paint products. We offer a supreme service and also guarantee the excellent results. 

Our specialty is giving a premium color consulting service for you residential home or your company premises. 

Customized schemes and color options

Our team of experts offer our clients the best professional advice when it comes to choosing the perfect color scheme for the project. The consultation team will enhance the look of the interior or exterior to best suite the surface and to look as incredible as possible. We will recommend the clor schemes for the walls interior and exterior as well as the ceiling color scheme to best suite your needs. 

Whether you prefer a modern or more traditional look we will advise on the products that are available. 

Aligning the color pallet paint combinations

Before the team begin to advise on the paint color combination we assess the desired room and also take note of the color of the furniture as well as the styling of the furniture and design of the rooms.

We specialize in small and large project both commercial and residential. We recommend the color combinations to suite the rooms and compliment them. You also have the option to complete the paint work yourself or hire our team of experts to do the paintwork.

Tertiary , secondary or primary paint color options

Our team of specialist consultants help you choose the undertones that are less noticeable to the untrained eye. We establish the compatibility of the shape of the rooms taking in consideration the type of floor and decorations in the desired rooms. 

Vision of the paint colors

Our team of consultant are put through advanced training and understand the vision of the client. Our main objective is to benefit your home or office environment to best suit the theme you are trying to achieve. The colors need to be an extension of the room and the contrast of the various colors patterns and textures. 

The purpose of our professional color consultation is not only to assist you in choosing the right paint colour shade or texture but to understand how the various colours will suite the current surroundings of the interior or exterior of the desired area.

Our intention is to make the final finishes and colors perfect and to have a unique styling and design complimenting the surrounding features.