Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Service Roseville, CA

About us

Our company specializes in refurbishing cabinets in your home or office. 

Our skilled and passionate painters are artists and our objective is to give your cabinets the best possible paint finish to suite the theme of your home. We bring any cabinet back to life and make it look amazing and fresh. We have a variety of colors and shades to suite the piece of furniture. Our team offer a personal service and advise on an interior decorator level. We specialize in kitchens, trophy cabinets, ornamental items and any surface you wish to bring back the shine to. 

Why Use Us

Exterior painting by your regular painters requires less skill to create the perfect finish. 

Your interior items in your home require a far higher attention to detail skill and our artist are perfect to give your cabinets that beautiful finish and make the interior of your home look absolutely exquisite. 

It is of the utmost importance that the correct products are used to complete this process and that the surface is prepared so it will be durable for daily use. That’s why they need to be sealed and protected. 

We use all the best methods in our craftsmanship

If you want your kitchen to look to be stylish and classy, you don’t have to have to install a brandnew kitchen all you need is our team to come and revamp the cabinets. With our professional team we can do the work in a cost effective and efficient way and make the unit look superb. We also guarantee that the job will be done precisely. We take great caution in removing the various components and ensure that nothing gets damaged in the process. We only leave once our quality control manager has signed the job and you are 100% satisfied with the work carried out. Our team of experts will also give you professional advice regarding the colors and textures to be used. 

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Cabinet Refinishing

We give your cabinet a completely new makeover and change the look to restore it to its original condition. After years the cabinets may start to perish and look weathered. The wood get damaged and sometimes even starts  rotting and warping. With our refinishing process it is far more cost effective then replacing the cabinets with brand new ones.

Cabinet Painting

With our painting services we can give you option to stain the wood to bring out the grains or alternatively paint them in the color of your choice. Costing will vary depening on the detail or styling you wish to go for. Call the team today and get your estimate  

Commercial services for offices and hotels

We provide a cost effective service to offices, hotel and restaurants.Often these premises have a lot of traffic walking through and a lot of usage.The cabinets , shelves and interior units must always present well to maintain the corporate image of your business. We can restore and paint these items making it less expensive to keep the area looking professional and immaculate 365 days a year.